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BrushPak Individual Pack


The Original BrushPak Individual Pack

  • Each BrushPak contains (1) BrushPak Brand single-use Mini-Disposable Toothbrush, (1) single-use serving of BrushPak Brand Peppermint Toothpaste (PastePak) and (1) single-use BrushPak Brand Dental Flosser. Designed to take with you to work, school, vacations or anywhere on the go. With The Original BrushPak you will always be able to get a complete brushing of your teeth after any meal or snack. Always Fresh Breath. Always Clean Teeth. Use a
    BrushPak after every meal or snack!
  • Perfect to pack for on the go or traveling or in your backpack on a long flight. 

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